Why hearing?

Hearing loss has a profound effect on those who suffer from this insidious disease. Yet the full measure of hearing loss’ destructive effects is seen most when it affects children.

Hearing loss is an incredible barrier to learning, be it at school, or at home. Furthermore, if left undiagnosed, hearing loss can cause impaired speech development, undeveloped communication skills, childhood depression and even behavioural and social development issues.

The compounding effect of hearing loss is worsened by the fact that 1 in every 12 school going children have a hearing loss.

We can make the sound of hope heard throughout South Africa, but we need your help.

Hearing loss is the ‘silent’ epidemic and affects

  • 1 in 20 people world wide
  • 1 in 10 school children with reversible hearing loss due to wax or ear infections
  • 1 in 166 school aged children with irreversible hearing loss in need of hearing aids
  • 1 in 5 elderly

In a class of 30 childre there are 3 kids that cannot hear the teacher properly.

This might be

  • the naughty child that does not listen
  • the ADHD or ADD child
  • the “autistic” child
  • the child who’s marks dropped this year
  • the child with speech and language problems
  • the child that failed


The Integrated School Health Policy states that each child should have their hearing screened annually.